The story that unites us!

As you know, April 2 is the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia. This is a significant date in our common history, a vivid symbol of our brotherhood, because the Union state has a solid foundation – a rich spiritual and cultural heritage, a large-scale economic potential of cooperation, extensive interpersonal ties, mutual trust, understanding and friendship. And today, when the international community does not always show constructive attention to us, it is our unity that has a special value through which we can survive. How well do we know the historical path of development that the Union State has passed? What are the prospects for our cooperation? What is our power? These and other questions were asked by the FEM Committee of the BRSM, deciding to hold today a series of events timed to coincide with this landmark date. It all began with the presentation of the Union State: history, modernity, prospects, accompanied by the comments of the moderator of the meeting – the dean of the faculty E.V. It’s Petrichenko.  And at this time, the second group of participants of the events demonstrated their intellectual training, participating in the quiz “Question for the backfill” from the history of the Union State, which gave a revival and showed that the audience’s history knows the history! Of particular interest to the participants of the meeting was the photo-quest “Determine the country.” It was more difficult here (or the organizers worked for glory!)! We coped with them together!

Summing up the results of today’s events, we can say that HISTORY REALLY UNITED US!